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Roël Mannaart signs a contract with Glory Kickboxing for multiple fights

Prodigy and current K-1 World champion, Roël Mannaart is in the negotiation stage for his upcoming 6 fight contract with Glory in September. As a heavyweight fighter, this man is one to watch out for and will certainly be an upcoming contender for Rico Verhoeven.

K-1 World Champion

Roël Mannaart won the K-1 World champion title fight by dethroning Antonio Plazibat. Mannaart trains at the world class kickboxing institute Mejiro Gym where other champions such as Andy Souwer, Remy Bonjanski, Peter Aerts, Rob Kaman and his father André Mannaart have trained and were created.

Glory 59 Amsterdam

Mannaart will make his first appearance during Glory 59, in the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, on the 29th of September. He will face Daniel Skvor and take it a step further for himself and Dutch kickboxing, being the son of the legendary kickboxer André Mannaart, this is a must have for Glory.


Latest news

Dec. 08 2018 – Mannaart outworks Kornilov, cruises to decision victory

The GLORY 62 SuperFight Series opened with the night’s heavyweight tournament reserve match-up between Dutchman Roël Mannaart (25-2,12 KO’s) and Russia’s Kirill Kornilov (14-3, 5 KO’s). Mannaart used his kicks to establish his range and frustrate Kornilov from the outside. Kornilov did he best to counter with punches, but Mannaart mixed up his attack with kicks to the body and legs. (more)


The Team

André Mannaart – Head Trainer

André is not a father figure for me, he is my father! He is the owner of the famous Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam, a legend and trained many famous fighters like Rob Kaman, Remy Bonjanski, Peter Aerts and many more. As an accomplished fighter, he knows exactly what it takes as he has been there himself.

Jamal Baali – High Performance Trainer and Personal Trainer

Jamal always pushes me to the edge and makes me realize there is always room for more and better.

Jamal Baali - André Mannaart - Roel Mannaart

Technical Data

BIRTHDATE 10-02-1994
HEIGHT 1.97 m
WEIGHT 103 kg
WINS 23 (14 by KO)
COACH André Mannaart
INSTITUTE Mejiro Gym, Amsterdam